At Direct Healthcare 24, we always look to give back to our nurses and support their careers, no matter their experience or nursing specialism. We understand that the personal wellbeing of nurses can often be overlooked and it’s why their satisfaction is our number one priority. It’s also why we’re extremely proud to announce a long-term partnership with Cavell Nurses’ Trust that will ensure our nurses receive the very best support.

Who are Cavell Nurses’ Trust?

As a vastly industry-experienced organisation, Cavell Nurses’ Trust provide help and support to nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants. They prioritise the wellbeing of healthcare professionals and offer guidance on issues such as personal or financial hardship. Nurses, just like any other professional, can suffer from an illness, disability or abuse and it’s the goal of Cavell Nurses’ Trust to be there for those who are in need.

The organisation rely primarily on fundraisers and donations but also look for larger sponsorships and it’s the reason we at Direct Healthcare 24 have decided to help. We’re also passionate about making a difference to the lives of our nurses and trust the amazing team at Cavell Nurses’ Trust to continue supporting nurses who are struggling.  

How will our nurses benefit from the partnership?

Ever since our foundation, the team at Direct Healthcare 24 have been passionate about offering a much-needed alternative to agency nurses. We deliver an exceptional standard of support with our team available around the clock to help with any issues that may arise. We do, however, have a growing number of nursing staff and understand that sometimes specialist help is required.

Thankfully, Cavell Nurses’ Trust will bring a long-term support network that even supports retired staff. They will help to strengthen our overall support offering and actively commit to prioritising the welfare of our nurses. In return, we’re hoping to boost the awareness of this wonderful organisation and help fund their future. The beneficial impact that Cavell Nurses’ Trust has upon the lives of nurses can be demonstrated by three clear statistics:

  • 83% of nurses said the support positively affected their physical health.
  • 91% said the support positively affected their mental health.
  • 76% said the support helped them get back to, or stay in, work.


When speaking on the new partnership with Cavell Nurses’ Trust, Ben Brown, clinical director of Direct Healthcare 24, said:

“Direct Healthcare 24 has always strived to offer the very best help and guidance to our nurses. Partnering with Cavell Nurses’ Trust will guarantee this expert support continues long into the future and sends a clear message to the industry that we understand the demands placed upon nurses in the UK Healthcare sector and deeply care for their wellbeing, not just now but also into their later years.”

If you’re an actively working nurse and feel unsure where to turn to for advice, speak to a member of the Cavell Nurses’ Trust team today or call us on 01527 595 999