We had an amazing phone call last night from two of our nurses and… well… this is the story!

Lynda McCartney and Sara Bowen, two Direct Healthcare nurses working in Northern Ireland, were heading to the local shops. Sara had just picked Lynda up from her first shift at a local hospital, a shift Sara said she loved, which is always good to hear.

Sat in the car, they noticed a gentleman in a shop entrance helping a lady to stand upright. Both nurses jumped out of the vehicle and approached the couple to see if they could offer any assistance. Almost immediately the lady fainted.

Instincts kicked in and the two began to tend to the unwell woman.

Lynda asked the staff from the shop to get something to place under the lady’s head, which they did. They both started to check vitals and ask her husband about her medical history.

The lady became responsive and, when conscious, asked “why are you both holding my hands?” Lynda and Sara, along with the lady’s husband, breathed a sigh of relief after hearing her speak.

The colour returned to her face and she sat up on a chair provided by staff from the store; she was alright. Lynda and Sara advised her to go and get herself looked at by the doctor as they were unaware of the cause. The couple were extremely grateful and said they would do so.

The lady’s husband said he felt indebted to the two Direct Healthcare representatives and that he wouldn’t have known what to do if they weren’t there. Hugs and kisses galore were shared, and a thankful husband was able to take his wife to get checked out. Later they returned to their hotel.

The couple were on holiday together, and they said they couldn’t believe their luck to have such amazing healthcare professionals come past when they did. The store manager of the Tesco Express came out after the couple had got into a taxi and presented our heroes with a free bottle of bubbly for being so incredible.

We have never been so proud of our friends/colleagues, who stepped up when they were most needed. We here at Direct Healthcare are honoured to have you as a part of our family.

As Lynda and Sara said, “Right people, right place and the right time. Divine intervention at its finest!”

Thanks must also go to the staff at Tesco Express who aided our stars in helping the Lady.