In 2019, Home Care Nursing was the second fastest growing job sector in the UK - with an increase of 142%, just below “Travelling Nursing” which topped the list. 7 out of the top 10 fastest growing jobs were within the healthcare sector, according to data from job site Indeed. 

This information supports the fact that the nursing industry is experiencing staff shortages, but also highlights the opportunity for nurses to explore career options and find a new nursing job. The demand for qualified nurses in the UK remains at an all time high, and we expect this to continue through 2020. With an increase in the number of home care nurse jobs, we understand the importance of educating nurses about making a move from a hospital ward into home care, and what a home care nurse job can offer.


Home care and residential care are on the rise, with a greater number of people electing to be treated outside of hospital than ever before, whether that is in their own home, a nursing home or residential healthcare organisation. Another reason for the increase in demand for nurses is our ageing population. Advances in treatment means that people are living longer, and the healthcare system is caring for more and more elderly patients. 

If you are interested in exploring a new home care nurse job, get in touch with the Direct Healthcare team today. We also recruit for home care health assistant jobs and healthcare support work.