Following our expansion into Northern Ireland we are proud to publicise some of the superb feedback we have received from a new client where we have successfully introduced our high quality healthcare staff.

A big thank you to the everybody involved for the hard work and dedication exhibited in ensuring that high quality service was provided to a Trust with unyielding staffing issues.

Direct Healthcare have been supplying our Trust since October 2018 and in that time they have placed a significant volume of staff from mainland England into our Trust. We have previously found recruitment challenging outside of our Framework agencies and our reliance on local non-contract agencies became more prominent.

Direct Healthcare have helped us reduce the number of ad hoc shifts by providing us with temporary staff for longer bookings. While we have only been using this agency within the Trust since October they have provided a professional service, we have found ourselves in a much more sustainable position entering Winter. We are aware that they are also assisting other Trusts in Northern Ireland and we have found Direct to be responsive, helpful and professional with their service and their nursing staff. I would strongly recommend their services to any Trust looking to engage a new supplier.